• Train Smarter ,Recover Faster

    FIT RELIEF is a pocket-sized smart device that can be used anywhere to strengthen muscles, pain relief , and speed up recovery.

    With advanced smart tech capabilities, fit relief  can be controlled directly from your smartphone—enabling you to customize your workout intensity or switch between modes for a full body experience that’s tailored to you. It’s the next evolution in fitness.


    Why should you have to choose between toning your abs or recovering from the muscle strain in your hamstring? Between working out your thighs and exercising your glutes? With fit relief , you don’t have to. We’ve designed an experience that delivers the kind of full-body results you’ve been waiting for. 


    TENS and EMS units have been stuck in the dark ages...until relief  is the FIRST unit of its kind to work with your smartphone, making achieving your desired results easier than ever before. Simply open the app and choose from custom modes like fitness or pain relief.


is the wearable smart device that’s taking your fitness and recovery to the next level. Control your experience right from the FIT RELIEF  app, and customize your workout with muscle-targeting attachments. It’s the stronger, smarter, faster way to get RESULTS.



EMS and TENS can...

Almost double the efficacy of a gym workout if used during your regular fitness routine.Deliver noticeable results in as few as 3 to 4 weeks.Mimic the effects of doing isometric exercises at 95% intensity!Help the body produce higher endorphin levels (providing natural pain relief).Increase blood flow, helping to optimize recovery from injuries and strains.

Fit Relief is for you if:

You take your health and wellness seriously You lead an active lifestyle You want to enhance your fitness regime ​You are actively trying to lose weight

Fit Relief App


Want to increase the intensity or adjust the length of your workout?

You’re in control. The FIT RELIEF  app enables you to customize everything from your workout type to the muscle groups you prefer to target.


Your body is 100% unique, and so your workout should be as well. Create the perfect routine for your body type and fitness level—and repeat your routine anytime, anywhere at the push of a button.

Progress Tracking 

The FIT RELIEF  app will remember your favorite treatments and workouts so you can track your progress and observe in real-time as you gain strength and fitness!